Self Care

Do you have and what are your self care routines?

Pray/ Meditate

Self care, daily, weekly, monthly activities

Gratitude Journal

Serving our Girls

My hope for the wellness treats I gave to the girls in my Girl Scout Troop is for them to take some time for over the break to renew and restore themselves. We have served others alot this fall and now it is time to  serve our own souls and spirits. It starts with us, the moms and dads. Let's make an effort to be an example for them. Let's teach them how to take care if their well-being. Let's help them on their journey of wellness and wholeness.

Be in the Moment

STOP! Take in the moment, right now. Don't think, just BE:)
It's almost Christmas and it is now time to "smell the roses".  You have done your part during this season for everyone else... now, it's time for you.
Be intentional from here on out with your time and attention. If you don't mean yes, then don't commit. Say NO when truly warranted; that way when you say YES, it is heart felt.