My low carb Acai Bowl @sambazon

2. Cream cheese
3. Avacado, frozen
4. Almond Milk
5. Almond Butter
6. Monkfruit
7. Sugar free strawberry/ banana jello mix
8. Flax seed, Hemp hearts, Chia seeds

1. Sugar free coconut flakes
2. Low carb granola, Only nuts & seeds @ketofocus recipe
3. Sunflower seeds
4. Flax seed, Hemp hearts, Chia seeds
5. Guarana flavor drizzled

Ketofocus low carb granola

Self Care

Do not disturb. 
It's time for you to take control so that you can be out of control when it's necessary. Self care should be number one on your list. If you're not well your whole family will not be well. Take care of you