Oct 4, 2008


With this weeks events taking place; the $700 Billion Bailout, merging banks and the highest unemployment rate, I find that this is the time to get our duck in a row and get a little more connected. In my experience with friends; I know my friends do not want anyone to know about their challenges, issues, problems,etc. This makes it difficult to HELP! each other. True friends will not judge, but support; we have all been in difficult situations and need assistance from time to time, there should never be anyone of us struggling to the point that our spirits are suffering. This makes it hard on our loved ones to witness. So... stay intouch and connected. Participate in your life more; get involved. Join a book club, join a ministry in a church, a social club, meet for a meal with friends, whatever it takes. Live! Live! Live! Trina:)