Oct 9, 2008


We all need more of it; or, so we think.

What are you doing with yours?

Believe it or not, planning is the key I have found.

We seem to get caught up in what others are doing a bit too much.

Run your race and stay in your lane; and, you will see a difference in you quality of life.

I have also found that if you want peace and tranquility; that you will have to say NO more times than not.

Do not over commit yourself and your family members.

Allow children to participate in only one extra activity; too many activities can cause too much of a strain on the whole family.

Too many activities in one family can cause a lack of communication, connection and closeness; not to mention it will cause those necessary things such as homework, proper dinner and overall wellness of your family to suffer.

The rise of black women's health is really on the line these days. Stop trying to be super women and take care of you.


Take some time out