Mar 16, 2009

Be you!

Have you ever understood why some people feel, think, or believe their way is the only way.
Guess what you only my way people, get over yourself!
I am me, and you are you. My way is not wrong,bad, crazy stupid or dumb; it is just my way.
Your way is not the right,the best, or only way of doing,or viewing things; it is just that, your way.
So the next time you feel like imposing your views, opinions, or attitude on someone else, DON'T!
Remember this, we are all entitled to our own views and opinions. We are all unique and wonderful people, contrary to popular belief.
Please do not put someone down for not feeling as you do. Most of our experiences have been personal; so no one should try to tell you how to be, or feel.
Bad Karma is not fun!
Be compassionate and kind to one another.