Feb 11, 2011

Be a supportive parent

Have you ever wanted to experience things outside of the norm for you and your family, friends and acquaitances, but you never did because of others opinions?

Go and get your slice of life; as long as it is not harmful or destructive to you and others, what's wrong with trying new things.

As a parent, I want to be supportive of my daughters choices, differences, independance, goals, and dreams. If I do not, she will find someone else that will, and that may not be a positive person.

We as parents make lots of mistakes and our children forgive us and are resilent to the situations that we put them in and ourselves in.

Why then, can we not do the same for them. Yes I know, we want to protect them and keep them from making mistakes; but, if we do not provide a soft place for them to fall when they make their growing pains mistakes, then how can we say we did our best to rear them.  Just because you would not do something does not mean that they should not. After all, you and your kids are different people with different views and feelings.

Open up to their possibilities and maybe you will discover some possibilities you did not know you had.

Be Supportive!