Jan 21, 2013

Leading in every phase of life

Leadership in my opinion should be taught as soon as a child begins to observe your everyday life interactions with others. 
As a member and President of Altrusa International of Southwest Dallas County, I have the honor and privelege of having my daughter accompany me to service projects that our club participate in.  In addition, she observes me volunteering in her Girl Scout troop, as a PTA mom, as an Awana teacher at our church and she sees me help friends when they are in need.
When her troop volunteered at the local CCA and St Andrews Church in Denton,TX she rose to the challenge like a pro. In fact, all of our girls did.  The girls loved it so much that they asked us to do more projects like these.
So as you can see, we show leadership when we aren't paying attention but living a life of grace and mercy for our loved ones to be a witness.
My cup and heart truly runneth over with pride.
I am so proud of our girls.