May 20, 2013

The Faith of a Child

I have to admit my embarrassment regarding my lack of faith.  My 7 year old daughter and I planted flowers and the next day we came home and she said that they had stated to sprout.  Well, the smart, all knowing adult that I am told her not possible. It is too soon for that to happen. Now, she on the other hand, prayed that they would start sprouting and blooming as soon as possible.  I woke up Sunday morning and sure enough, the flowers were indeed sprouting. I could not believe it. I sat on the patio in amazement and disbelief.  I say I have faith; however, do I really have the kind of faith that I say I do.  Children can teach adults much about faith. Their belief in Santa, Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, all stem from faith. This faith is taught by us the parents to give the kiddos hope; yet, when we are actually faced with the situations that test faith we fail. So the question is as adults, do we FEEL or BELIEVE.