Jun 26, 2013

Service & Situation

OK... so do you feel like because you do not have more material possessions that you are unable, can not, not capable of helping out someone else?

I understand and have been there. I know how you feel, but I have found that having material possessions does not matter at all in giving back.

I no longer have the job that paid me a salary that afforded me extra THINGS. I struggle at times financially; however, I seem to be doing better than I was when I had the extra. When I had the extra, I tried too hard to hold on to it.  I now manage my finances differently and find free to affordable activities for me and my daughter to participate in.  I think we are doing better because we have made it a point to help others out. God has entrusted our family with more on less simply because we have let faith rule our lives.

Just a few thoughts :)