Jun 14, 2013


It's Friday!

STOP! working after work hours are over.  You and your family deserve it. You take care of the family, volunteer, act as a sounding board for friends, taxi kids to and from, cook, clean and mediate.

At what point does it sync in that enough is enough; and, we set the example to our children that we must take of ourselves. We tell them to take care of themselves; however, we rarely take our own advice.

We cater to their needs and feel guilty if we do not allow them to do what they want all of the time.

So, I challenge you parents to stop catering and start training... one day we will look up and our kiddos wont have the skills to take care of themselves and take responsibility for their lives. Everyone has a chore and gets them completed before the weekend arrives; so that, weekend fun can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Ah!!! Relax, Relate, Release... TGIF

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