Apr 16, 2014

Stress Free Days

I am always in search of ways to eliminate stressful days for me and my daughter.

Hair it seems to be a big culprit of starting our day. So... we went with braids.  Whew!!!! why had I not done this sooner? She loves for her hair to be CUTE lol:). She has thick course hair that has been hard to style for her age; so, we had it relaxed recently and she loves it because it has meant smooth comb throughout and not this painful comb through that has her crying. You moms of color know what I am talking about.  :-(. Unfortunately, she is a bit of a follower and want to look like some of the girls in her school. True, their styles are cute; sometimes too mature for eight year olds. Braids has been so transformative for her. Although, she may get a bit of whiplash from all the swinging of her head she is doing now, but it has been a wonderful experience this far. So, I encourage moms to find what works  for you and your family and have stress free days.

My daughters confidence has jumped major points and I am peaceful because she is happy.

All my Best:)