Sep 23, 2014

Save the Date...4 Service

I don’t know about you, but I was missing something in my life that was not being fulfilled.
It was being a Blessing to someone or something. 
When I stopped and just stood still and listened; I, heard the voice within. Be a Blessing… you have been Blessed. I realized that just because I was, am and will go through tough times does not mean I get to sit on my Laurels and let life and others dictate my fate. I must do, be and make it happen.
Altrusa International of Southwest Dallas County, Altrusa District Nine and Altrusa International filled are filling this need.
Since becoming a mom of a school age child, I have joined the PTA, Girl Scouts and Awana as a committed participating member.
My daughter and I get to do some amazing affordable things and have wonderful experiences. The people we have met and the relationships we have built are such a Blessing.
I want to take this time to encourage all of you reading this blog to get involved and do something for someone else.