Oct 8, 2015

Friendships, Foundation & Fun

The Four Musketeers together again.
Friends starting at the age of 9 and 13 years old, WOW! it was so great to see these ladies; all together after 20 years.
We are all pretty much the same... with a few more years added to our otherwise youthful selves.
Although life took us in various directions, our foundation has remained the same.  Thanks to technology, i.e.social media and mobile devices, we are able to keep in touch with distance between us.
Through marriages, divorce, children, loss of parents and other loved ones, personal struggles we have found a way to make our friendship last.
We had our girl fights, but we love and forgive like flawed adults. It is true, strife builds character and we have had lots of strife for one lifetime. No matter what, I have these ladies backs.
I hope we do not wait another 20 years to get together, my spirit can't wait that long to be feed this good friendship fun.

"Here's to Taylor making Your Home, Work & Social Life"
All my Best,