Oct 3, 2015


Prayer is a routine that I have come to depend on for my sanity.

Prayer helps me feel calm, centered and simply OK. I have been teaching my 10 year old daughter about prayer and although I think she may feel a little uneasy about saying it out loud, she is starting to understand why mommy Prays.

If you do not teach children early about Gods word and what it means to pray and how prayer can help keep you balanced, then it makes it difficult in my opinion to guide and direct them to be the best person they can be.

My daughter has come to appreciate prayer, as she grows and realize what it means. We are members of our local Church Awana Club, where kids are taught about Gods word, why God gave us the Bible and what it means to believe and trust his Word.

In my opinion, I believe that prayer helps to build a confident, courageous person of character.

"Here's to Taylor making Your Home, Work & Social Life"
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