Mar 11, 2017

Do you have well rounded kiddos

Do you have children that are well-rounded? Or should I ask do you have kiddos that are in a position to be marketable and competitive? In my opinion most all activities provide an opportunity for individuals to be leaders teaching them various skills to be successful in life.

If we do not allow our children to have  various experience, how will they know how to conduct and trust themselves.

I believe that community service and social activities allow a kid a bigger platform in which to utilize and demonstrate what they bring to the table; before, during and after college. Preparing them for that ever so competitive job market that they will all be battling for once they are out on their own.

What I have found, is that we parents are not secure in the job we have done or are doing. Parents must let go a bit in order for our kids to grow and learn about who they really are apart from us.

So, give them a little push and let the chips fall where they may. The worst thing to happen is that they fall...the best thing to happen is they learn a little more about themselves.

 Building, Developing, Creating... character, confidence and courage in our Mini Me's.

All my Best