Are you a Perfectionist...

  Stop trying to be perfect. Create, build, start, innovate, develop and then move forward. This is an imperative lesson in building a business and living life.

We so often get caught up in trying to make everything just right... perfect that we don't create, build, start, innovate or develop anything and get it 'out there'.

Nothing is perfect... product, service, blog post, email, etc. nothing. In my opinion, lots of dreams have not come to fruition because of perfectionism.Someone else realizes this and makes their move. Just get it done to the best of your ability and release it. Use all feedback from your community to make it better or make adjustments.

  Of course, you'll get positive and negative feedback sometimes. That's OK. It's actually good. It will push you to do better next time. This helps to get your customer point of view and allows you to meet their needs better.

 What is perfectionism and do you struggle with it? I challenge you to share one project, idea or passion with your friends and family;that, you feel vulnerable about and that you don't think is 'perfect' enough?  Put it out there and see what happens! You might be surprised.

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