Dec 9, 2018

Girl Scout Cookies and Wine Pairings

Leading up to Girl Scout cookie sales, I want you all to know that your purchase of cookies does so much more than satisfy your cravings and break your New Year's resolution to be healthier. Money  from those sales come back to my Girl Scouts and they do amazing things with that money. What will our girls be doing? To name just a few, they will use the money earned from the sale of their cookies to provide

  *Animal shelters with their needs
  *Senior /Retirement home gifts for Bingo winnings
  *Blankets for Homeless
  *Fans for summer heatwave
  *Fun trip/ activity for their hard work.

I encourage you to ask each scout you buy from what she will be doing with her money.

One of the original Girl Scout Cookies, Thin Mints are a definite classic. The chocolatey mint flavor is to die for, especially when the cookies are frozen. To match the minty flavor of these cookies, you need a full-bodied, dry wine. A glass of merlot will go very well with your Thin Mints.

Do-Si-Dos are a popular Girl Scout Cookie because of the oatmeal cookie outside and creamy peanut butter inside. To create the perfect combination of flavors, try a Zweigelt wine with the Do-Si-Dos. A Zweigelt wine is light and fruity making for the ultimate, adult-ified peanut butter and jelly treat.

These lemon flavored, powdered sugar-covered cookies are sure to melt in your mouth the second you take your very first bite. To pair with the tart lemon flavor of the cookie you want a wine that is on the drier side and not so tart in itself. The perfect wine pairing for the Savannah Smiles is a Rielsling-Kabinett. This off-dry, high-acid white wine goes well with the distinct flavors of the cookie.

Trefoils, also known as the shortbread cookie, have a buttery richness to them that we can't help but love. This simple cookie needs a just as simple counterpart. Pair Trefoils with a sparkling wine for a great combination of cookie and wine. The flavors of the cookie pair well with the liveliness that comes from the sparkling wine.

Samoas are a staple when it comes to ordering Girl Scout Cookies, well, for us anyways. Next time you open up a box of Samoas, try the cookies with a bottle of Tawny Port. Port wine is typically served as a dessert wine, so this sweet, red wine will fit right in with your Samoas.  The subtle coconut and caramel flavors pair well with this sweeter wine. 

Tagalongs are one of our favorites. The chocolatey coating gives way to a mouth-watering peanut butter center that's to die for. This savory, chocolate and peanut butter combination needs a wine that's sweet.

Toffee-Tastic cookies are sweet, buttery cookies filled with tiny pieces of toffee crunch. This toffee flavored cookie needs a light, bubbly wine to match. Try a fine glass of champagne when indulging in a Toffee-Tastic.