My December Ipsy Glam Bag Review

So, I just received my December Ipsy glam bag and I have to say, that when I see these bright pink shipping envelopes, I get super!!! excited.
Ipsy, is a monthly cosmetics membership program that allows members to receive rather generous sized samples of beauty and skin care products from various beauty and skincare lines to try for $10.00 a month.
You create an account and enter in your personal skincare and beauty preferences and every month receive products based on your preferences.
All these items arrive in a different cosmetic and glam bag each month. I use my glam bags to store and organize my handbag and other household items.

I can be a bit conservative in my makeup and beauty routine, but since signing up for ipsy, I step out of my comfort zone and try products that bring out my fun dude more.
This month, I received a matte orange/red lip stain by Half Baked, Lip Fondant in Power Trip...a little goes a long way. It also stays a while on the lips. The dark nail polish in I Kaled it, by Trust Fund Beauty is very different for me. I am a nude or red nail polish kind of gal. I will try it and show you in a later post. The brow gel by Benefit in #5  is right up my ally with creating and maintaining sleek and sophisticated brows. The Cake, heavy cream in Vanilla Shea butter, body balm is great to keep in your handbag for those cold drying days of winter. The Balm, Bootylicious eyeshadow will be my seasons nude go to for day beauty. Last but not least, the Farah brush #35 is wonderful for application and blending.

Happy Beauty to you.😊