Jun 14, 2021

4 Home Goods I am in Love with

Let me start off by saying I'm not sure about anyone else but I know I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to relax and find my Zen place in my home.

The four items below you will find our items that I live by religiously everyday.

Because I'm working from home I'm sitting up and my desk so I'm swelling a lot in my feet and legs so I've had to find a way to combat that.

Most of the time I'm doing half and half I'm setting up at my desk or I'll go and set up and a lounge chair or in my bed so that I can get some relief from the swelling for my body.

In, comes these three items which helps me tremendously the contour Bed Rest Lounger Pillow which I am just like a freak for helps me stay strait, so that I can not  and sit in a really awkward position which by causing me to be even more uncomfortable and in pain.   Then, there is the Bed Tray table with folding legs oh how a game changer it is for me. I love this tray it has handles it can be flat it can stand up it allows me to just put everything on it and keep the room nice and clean from any crumbs or things like that.   The Laptop Lap Desk Portable Pillow Cushion Tray Bed really helps me balance out the laptop while sitting away from a desk. I asked for this for my birthday last year for my daughter and she was so fantastic and got it for me. This lap desk really helps when sitting up against the sitting pillow because it allows me to sit straight up balance out so that my body is not in a crazy awkward position causing any neck pains or back pains It allows me to really get the work done in a manner that is conducive to not sitting upright in a chair at a desk.  Folding dinner tray tables...well this one is a no brainer. I can dine away form the table and keep my home clean and neat.

So I hope that you find these items helpful I hope that you get a chance to at least inquire investigate and see if you like them. It's changed my life and helps me thrive and feel better. I hope you give it a try.

Relax, relate, release 

Mainstays Bed Rest Lounger Pillow 

Laptop Lap Desk Portable Pillow Cushion Tray Bed 

Homritus Bed Tray table with folding legs

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