Jun 24, 2021

6 Dresses Every Bride Needs in her Wedding Wardrobe

Celebrate all of your wedding events in style. Below are 6 chic, classic and comfortable looks to show everyone what a Beautiful, Bold and Brave Bride you are.

I worked for David's Bridal for a minute. One of the lessons and training opportunities I took away from the experience was the additional dresses a girl could use when getting married.

Not only will these 6 additional dresses serve you well for all of the wedding events, they will serve you for other events in your life i.e. luncheons, wedding guest, church etc. So view these dresses as investments in your wardrobe.

Engagement party

It’s your first chance to show off and raise a glass to the good news.

Bridal shower

A day full of pretty decorations, wrapping paper and bows calls for an outfit worthy of a bride-to-be.

Bachelorette party

Whether you’re partying hard or just relaxing, anything goes for your last dance as a single lady.

Rehearsal dinner

Whether a back yard shindig or a black tie celebration this look depends on the evening.

 Wedding reception

It's your first celebration married to the love of your life... this is a great reason to wear your second dream dress choice!

Farewell brunch

Whew! this has been an amazing weekend! Let your guests see your one last wedding weekend chic and stylish pulled together look as a new married woman.