Jul 9, 2021



It’s that time of year again: time to get ready for the back to school season!

It may only be July, but summer days always seem to fly by. Before you know it, the sounds of the school bells are ringing and the start of a new year will be here.

To help get you started, Taylor Made Guide has created a list of things to get your family (and you!) ready for a stress free first day of school.

Preparing for Back to School

Create a Control Center in your home: 

Calendars for your busy lives, appointments, sports, extracurricular activities etc.

Back pack station

Homework Station

Organized Kitchen


Health care

Eye care

Dental Care

Stock up...

School Supplies

Basic essential Clothing item... tees, jeans, light weight jacket for cold classrooms

Cleaning Supplies

  • Start your morning schedule now
  • Start eating a healthy breakfast now
  • Healthy lunch options, show them how and what to pack
  • Follow a lunch schedule, find out their lunch time and start to eat them.
  • Make dedicated TV/ Screen time
  • Play games to keep minds sharp
  • Start & Stick to a bedtime routine
  • Read every day 
  •         Start working on the closet
  •          Make a plan for success i.e. determine what worked and what was a challenge

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