Apr 17, 2022

Pretty & Practical Coffee Table Arrangement

Have you ever had a hard time trying to decide how to organize your coffee table?

I wanted to share my way of determining how to arrange my coffee table. In my opinion, you don't just want your coffee table to be pretty but you want it to be practical. I want my coffee table to not only have this really beautiful look but I wanted to be a practical place to put items that we use daily because it makes our house function.

This is how I actually decorate my house, my whole house. 

So with the coffee table, I placed a really pretty lantern with a candle in it and then I went and added coasters. We use the coasters on the coffee table so we don't stain it, then I added a little jar that is like a candy jar it has mints and little treats in it. I added this little glass bowl that has these strips of paper and the papers have words on them so when guests come over I asked them to pull out a little strip and what the word says and what that means to them. It's a fantastic icebreaker and conversation starter. 

Then I like to add additional fragrance by adding the oil and reeds in the little pretty glass jar that you see there and that end it with a floral arrangement now if you're not into full flowers you can do potpourri that adds extra scent and fragrance to your your home your living room but whatever works for you. 

So as you can see the table has the things that I want, it has things that we need, it's a conversation starter also in the little crooks and crannies of the basket, I put our remote controls so they are always in that one place and never lost. 

I hope you find these helpful and I would like to see how you decorate your coffee table. 

Happy decorating

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