Oct 4, 2022

Self Care: Cancer Screenings

I'm kicking myself for not highlighting September ovarian cancer awareness month. As a black woman it is imperative that I advocate for myself and also for other women.

So I want to double up for this month of breast cancer awareness and make sure that each of you is doing your monthly self exams as well as scheduling your annual mammograms.
I want to backtrack and ask you all to go back to your doctor's and ask for a pelvic and pap smear and specifically for screening for ovarian cancer.
You know the thing of it is, if we do not take care of ourselves we won't be here to take care of our children and our loved ones. So starting today let's stop this craziness of running running running for everyone else and not taking care of ourselves. This is total craziness that we put everyone and everything else ahead of our own and then they're left without us because we gave everything to them and we didn't show them how to give to themselves either.
So stand up and stand with me today and let's stop right now and make the change we need to make for a whole well and intentional self-care life to share and show our loved ones how to do the same so that we all are healthy, well, and thriving.

Go get tested

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