Dec 31, 2022

My favorite chefs for 2023

Taking control of our kitchens is where self-care starts.

These chefs I have followed and researched and not only are they award-winning in the kitchen with how to repair dishes that will heal us but they also prepare dishes that will satisfy us.

Some of these amazing chefs are local to our DFW Metropolis and some are not.

I think that when we stop and take control of our lives it has to start in our kitchen and our homes. 

When we cook at home we know how it's repaired and what's in it. When we also prepare our own foods at home we are also being physical and moving and not just depending on restaurants and fast food chains to make it easy and too convenient for us to not get up and move. When we prepare our own foods it allows us to be less sedentary and more involved and engaged in our overall health and well-being. 

I hope you check these amazing chefs out and try some of the dishes,share them with me so I know what you tried and I will let you know what I've tried as well and we can get out there and get healthy together.

Cheers 🥂