Mar 1, 2023

Rituals and how they help

What is the importance of having rituals?

Rituals are an important part of many cultures, as they provide a way for people to connect with their spiritual beliefs and values, as well as with each other. Rituals can help to bring a sense of comfort and security, as well as a sense of belonging. They can also be used to mark special occasions, celebrate life’s milestones, or as a way to honor ancestors or nature. Rituals can also be used to help us cope with difficult emotions, such as grief or fear, by providing a sense of control and helping to create a sense of order in situations that may otherwise be chaotic or overwhelming. Finally, rituals can be a great way to foster connection and communication between people, as they provide a platform for shared experiences.

What are examples of positive rituals?

Positive rituals can be anything that helps to bring a sense of calm and purpose to your day. Some examples might include: taking a few moments each morning to meditate or practice mindful breathing; setting aside time each day for reflection or journaling; taking a daily walk to clear the mind; creating a daily gratitude list; cooking a nutritious and satisfying meal each evening; or taking a few minutes each day to listen to your favorite music. Positive rituals can be whatever works for you to bring a sense of peace to your day!

My Daily Routine

For me, my daily rituals upon waking each morning are to light a candle, incense or burn essential oils. I read my Bible verse of the day. I proceed to write in my gratitude journal and work on my affirmations for the day. I try to put myself in a positive frame of mind and read as many positive motivating inspiring text that I possibly can take in each morning before I leave the house. I have a cup of coffee, tea, chai or matcha whatever I'm feeling for the moment. I shower and refresh myself to take on the day. I have breakfast and take any healthy wellness supplements to ensure that my immune system is ready to protect my body at all costs. 

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