Mar 1, 2023

The New Dinner Party Rules, What’s Outdated and What’s Here to Stay

Hosting a dinner party can be a great way to gather with friends and family. However, with the changing times, certain dinner party rules have become outdated, while others remain timeless.


  • Assigning guests to sit in specific seats - In the past, guests were often assigned to sit in certain chairs based on their place in the social hierarchy. Today, it is much more common to let guests sit where they want and move around during the evening.
  • Not allowing guests to bring a guest - In the past, dinner parties were usually invitation-only. Today, it is much more common to allow guests to bring a friend or two.
  • Keeping the menu to traditional dishes - In the past, dinner parties usually featured a limited menu of traditional dishes. Today, dinner parties are opportunities to experiment with modern cuisines and unusual ingredients.

Here to Stay:

  • Respectful behavior - Even in today’s relaxed atmosphere, it is important to maintain respect for one another and the host.
  • Promptness - While it is important to be punctual, it is also important to be mindful of your guests’ schedule.
  • Cleanup - It is still important to be mindful of the mess left behind and ensure that the area is cleaned up afterward.

These are just a few of the dinner party rules that have changed over time, but the importance of respect, punctuality, and cleanliness remains timeless.