About Me

I’m Trina Taylor…a Personal Assistant, Social Media Consultant, Wardrobe Stylist, Community Service Advocate and Mom of 1, based in Texas.

My goal is to help women and entrepreneurs look like you have your act together, even if you don’t.

My interpersonal skills have been noted as one of my greatest strengths and has allowed me to build lasting relationships and strong business alliances.

Through this website/ Blog, I will share basics styling tips, and offer modern, sophisticated, shopping suggestions for all budgets. I will share my tips on how to maintain sanity for crazy schedules, be a resource for those that need someone to help keep them focused and organized and be your go to consultant for understanding and sailing the social media sea.

My experiences that would benefit and make a positive impact toward helping you achieve your personal and professional goals are:

  • Styling women & men and keeping them Life Ready during my 16 year career at Saks Fifth Avenue and 6 year gig as a Store Manager at Casual Corner and other retail establishments.
  • My training from Franklin Covey in leadership, execution, productivity, trust, sales, performance, customer loyalty and education as well as time management.
  • Being a Personal Assistant / Administrative Assistant, executive level assistance for 10 years + for both established, start up and coming businesses. 
  • A volunteer for PTA, Girl Scouts, Awana,  Altrusa International, an International Community Service Organization. 

"Here's to Taylor Making your Home, Work, and Social Life