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Styling Session
Your image is so important. It is one of the keys to your success. Taylor Made Guide Style and Taylor Made Guide Beauty can help. I will create the most fashionable you by showing you what ‘looks’ work or don’t work for your body.

Personal Shopping

No more stressful shopping trips or expensive fashion faux pas.
With Taylor Made Guide personal shopping, I will enhance your style, build your confidence and help you look your absolute best!
  • Do you work more than 40 hours a week and just don’t have time to shop?
  • Do you get stressed out, overwhelmed and lost when you enter into a department store?
  • Want designer/ quality clothes for great prices?
  • Can’t get the clothes on the stores displays to look right on your body?
  • Recently lost weight and need flattering transition clothes? or just had a baby and need clothes that look great on you NOW.

What is a personal or professional 
Stylist /  shopper?
This is someone who literally goes out and shops for you!
A professional shopper not only has insider info about styling & fashion trends, but also knows the quality of certain brands/stores, the best places to shop for designer discounts, and how sizes run at various stores. Additionally, the professional shopper has an excellent eye for what would look amazing on specific body types.

The Year I became a Fashion Consultant

There are so many reasons why you need a personal shopper. At Taylor Made Guide Style, I will take the guesswork out of your shopping experience and find special items that are right for you. And, perhaps most importantly save you valuable time. No matter what your reasons, list or budget, Taylor Made Guide Style can help!

I will go through all of your existing wardrobe and show you what and how to combine and wear them. I will put, head-to-toe looks together and then take pictures of each look. If you have beautiful pieces in your closet, and not worn them because you were unsure of how to put it together,then the “fashion styling” session is ideal for you!

Personal Shopping (One-On-One)

  • We start by having a FREE phone consultation to determine your most pressing shopping needs.
  • Then, I will strategically select stores and pull clothing based on your age, body type, budget and lifestyle needs.
  • The final step… you go home with amazing, well-fitting pieces that add style, sophistication and ease to your wardrobe!
  • We start your wardrobe sessions with a complimentary bra fitting... all good things are build with a good foundation after all.
(Minimum 1 Hour) $25 per hour


Organization for every season
Maximize existing wardrobe
Identify keepers, resales, needs
Simplify Style selection
Personal Shopping
Focus on key purchases
Women's and Men's
Gift Shopping
Special Events
All details taken care of


Style... Taylor Made for you Life

**Taylor Made Guide Style keeping you Life Ready.**


The classics never go out of style;but, what exactly are the classics?Taylor Made Guide Style will help to build your wardrobe around the "classics". 


A Personal Wardrobe Stylist/ Consultant can be a valuable asset for anyone needing help to identify, cultivate and refine their personal style, wardrobe and image.  

It is a known fact, that when you look good... you feel good. When your clothes look good on you and you feel good in your clothes; it can set the tone and mood for your daily activities. Whether your day consists of school drop off/ pickup, kid and adult play dates, work responsibilities, volunteering or special dinner plans in the evening; it can be a real confidence builder when you feel put together. 

What's your style?
Trendy Fashion-ista, Chic style maven
 Classic, Comtemporary, Modern
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